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Halloween Themed Smoke Bomb Photoshoot

Let me start by saying this was absolutely one of my FAVORITE, and most fun photo shoots I have ever done! I am lucky to have such great friends that are down with my crazy ideas - and also friends that loves all things #witchy #whimsical and #spooky !

Halloween photo shoot, smoke bombs, spooky, halloween photography, cauldron

The images in this blog post were actually taken on a few different dates spread across multiple weekends throughout Wisconsin. Our goals for the session(s) were a witchy theme, incorporating some nighttime photography, and also trying out smoke bombs since I have never used them before. To say the sessions were a resounding success would be an understatement! We all had SO much fun! In the future I might create a blog post specific to each individual shoot, but for now, you can enjoy a few of my favorites from the whole collection. I will note the props shown here are a collection of items from many different places. The deer skull I actually acquired from the only time I've ever hit a deer - on the freeway I might add! We kept the deer and antlers and I am so happy we did! Many of the other props were either from Amy's personal collection (cauldron, small skull, clothes etc.) and a lot of her potions were hand made as well as her broom! The rest of the items were made by my talented Mother who runs Cindy's Country Crafts out of Kewaskum, Wisconsin. A HUGE shout out to my mom for donating some of these props as well as my main subjects and travel buddies Amy and Jonny! I can't wait to see what creative ideas we all come up with next!

If you would be interested in a smoke bomb session or Halloween themed photo shoot, please do not hesitate to reach out! We LOVE incorporating smoke and props into sessions! Some popular Halloween ideas not pictured here include pumpkin head photos, ghost/costume photos, and murderer lurking in the bushes photoshoots. Feel free to browse Pinterest to get your creativity going. Hopefully these images get you into the Halloween Spirit!

witches, poison, potions, witches brew, witch coven, spooky, halloween photoshoot, skull, bone dust, moon dust, eye of newt, coven,

halloween photo shoot, witches, spooky, mysterious, potions, witches brew, skull, skull and crossbones, witch coven

Halloween photo shoot, smoke, cauldron, smoke bombs, witches, spooky, mysterious, potions, witches brew, skull, skull and crossbones, witch coven

Halloween photo shoot, witch photoshoot, smoke bombs, spooky, halloween photography

witches brew, witch cauldron, potions, halloween photo shoot, skull, nighttime photography, halloween photos

You'll notice I even jumped in for a few photos since my husband is now a well trained photographer ;) That's all for now - stayed tuned for a LOT more photos from these shoots since they are some of my favorites! Happy Haunting!

Session Locations:

Weekend One:

Weekend Two:

& Whitefish Dunes State Park: Bonus Weekend | Smoke Bombs: High Cliff State Park:

Props from: Cindy's Country Crafts:

Some of our many favorite Shops: Door County Rock and Gem: Crystal Magic, Flagstaff, AZ


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