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Wedding Day

Over the year's we've gathered a list of tips to make sure your wedding runs smoothly! Here are a few of our recommendations. Most importantly though, don't forget to breath, relax, and enjoy because your BIG DAY is finally here!!!

Wedding Day Tips

If possible, steam your dress the day before the wedding

Hold the First Kiss for 3-5 seconds. This will give me extra time to catch the moment! 

Take a video of how to bustle your dress. Your bridesmaids can pull up the video if they didn't get to practice before hand!

Have details you want to be photographed ready and set aside

(Ex: Rings, shoes, veil, earrings,  invitation, special mementos, etc.)

If it's a summer wedding, bring and use sun screen!
You don't want to get burnt during the ceremony or family photos!

Take a moment to pause, look around, and be thankful. Enjoy your day - it truly does go by so fast!

Have someone designated to pin on boutonnieres

Make sure family members know not to rush off to cocktail hour if they are expected to be in photos

Don't sweat the small stuff! No matter what happens you're marrying your favorite person & celebrating the start of forever!

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