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Rachel and Talia - Barn at Vertical Timbers - Wedding in Valders, Wisconsin

Outdoor Bride and Bride Wedding, LGBTQ+ Friendly

I was so overjoyed to have booked and filmed Rachel and Talia's early summer wedding this past year. Rachel and I had been chatting for a few months before they officially booked to make sure they could afford to add videography, and that it was something they truly wanted to add to their wedding. Ultimately - having footage of both of them walking down was what made them decide to book my standard wedding package of ceremony and reception coverage with a highlight film.

To back up a bit and be transparent, they were one of my first few videography clients where I would be doing the whole wedding day from start to finish - film, shoot, and edit - with drone I might add! - all on my own. (I started second shooting as a wedding videographer about a year and a half prior, and have been dabbling in video editing for fun since I was in High School) but could not wait to get into videography professionally, and am so glad I did!

Now, if you follow my page at all, you also know that we are 100% LGBTQ friendly. As a photographer, optimist, and lover of love, I am not here to talk politics. My belief is, and always has been, if you love another person and want to spend the rest of your life with them - that is your business and you should not let anyone else stand in your way. Everyone deserves to be loved! Therefore, it was so touching to see firsthand Rachel and Talia's vibrant, raw, and pure TRUE LOVE for each other! As with any wedding, there was so much love and emotion in the entire day and it was so incredible to see the family in support of what some - unfortunately - do not consider a "normal" lifestyle.

Their ceremony also included the most touching surprise ever. Prior to the wedding, Talia's Father had some suffered not one but two strokes, and it wasn't looking like he would be able to attend the wedding, much less walk Talia down the aisle. I cannot image the sadness Talia had to have felt, not being able to share that timeless tradition with her father. However, after getting another doctor's opinion, the stars aligned and - unbeknownst to Talia, Rachel and family had organized a way for Talia's father to not only attend the wedding for a few hours, but walk her the last few steps down the aisle - something she was expecting to have to have her brothers do.

This moment had just about everyone in attendance in happy tears, and even made an appearance on Happily as a truly feel good story.

Not that anything can top that - but in addition, some of my other favorite touches of the day were:

  • Their unity ceremony. They did a Shot from a Shotski. which also doubled as their guest book - AKA a totally unique keepsake for guests to sign!

  • Their cupcakes/dessert. A family friend did their beautiful cupcakes that looked and tasted amazing!

  • Their venue. Barn venues are so popular nowadays, and I am #hereforit! I love that this particular one was secluded, and gave the traditional barn feel, while also being rustic, modern, and fully functional. Kudos to Barn at Vertical Timbers!

Below are some of my favorite screengrabs from the video footage, as well as the final edited films. Congratulations again to Rachel and Talia - two absolutely beautiful souls, who I know will celebrate many years of love and happiness together! <3

Wedding Details, Wedding Rings, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Barn Wedding

Bride and Bride Wedding, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Barn Wedding

Bride and Bride Wedding, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Barn Wedding, Shotski ceremony

Bride and Bride Wedding, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Barn Wedding

Drone Photography, Sunset, Barn Wedding

Bride and Bride Wedding, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Summer Barn Wedding

Check out Rachel and Talia's final wedding films below. If you are interested in seeing more wedding videography - don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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